A Nirvana Moment
Inspiration is everywhere.

The concept for this painting came to me one morning as I put on my hoody. I thought to myself "I hate it when my shoulders get cold". Well, that was the title "Cold Shoulders".

That thought simmered a few moments. So I began to think of what or who turns their back giving off a "cold shoulder"? Cats. Cats are independent creatures only seeking attention when they want it. Any other time they act as though you are bothering them. And my favorite kind of cat-if I were to have a cat-is Calico.

This past Sunday I was watching Nirvana music videos and blogging of my thoughts focusing on the "artist" way of life. Sunday's are great for deep thinking. It unfolded that as private and recluse artists are here was an artist who absolutely went wild in front of the camera. No reservations. Off the wall, the uncut version. Truly letting it all go.

Next day I found a way to just let it go. There are a few moments in my video that were indecisive and hesitant as I thought (Ooops-not that). No thinking allowed. The headphones were on jamming to Nirvana the entire time.

So sit back, relax with your favorite beverage and thank you for watching.

Rainbow Sprinkles