Nitro Game Injection: The Relaunch THIS WEEKEND!
I'm excited to finally announce that starting this Saturday, NGI is COMING BACK!

I'll get the bad news out of the way first: unfortunately, Larry has had to step down as permanent co-host. He's a busy guy raising a new daughter, but hopefully he'll be able to find some time to make some future appearances!

Now for the good news: I have a new co-host! My good friend and Chiptunes = WIN mastermind Brandon "Hoodie" Hood will be joining the show.  He's a huge personality and a big fan of the game music remix community, as well also the bassist of the rad VGM cover band Lords of Thunder! I think you guys'll like him.

NGI will be airing on 8bitX, replacing GameFuel's time slot on Saturdays at 7 PM Eastern once a month. Hope to see you there!