NJ Makers Podcast
Greetings Patreon,

Last month I followed through with a long time dream of mine to make a podcast. Now, I'm in that awkward spot of figuring it out as I go, making mistakes, as well as happy accidents, and hopefully, getting a few things right along the way. The show is about Makers and the Maker Movement in New Jersey, and the stuff they are making, of course. A lot of the future guests I've approached so far are friends I know who love making stuff like I do. They are artists, programmers, cosplayers, small business owners, farmers, and more. I'm greatly looking forward to bringing their stories to you as the show progresses. This will be slow going at first, but hope for it be more regular in the future. There are two episodes out as of writing this post, a third recorded, and a few more scheduled in the not-so-distant future. The response so far from my friends, family, and community, have been stellar and most humbling. Thank you.

My goal with the podcast is to help highlight the awesome things going on around me that I think deserve attention, and will maybe help inspire others to start their own personal maker movement. I'm a Maker myself, learning on the job how to make a podcast, and enjoying every minute of it. NJ Makers Podcast is on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher currently. You can follow the show on Twitter and Facebook @NJMakersPodcast, and I would very much love to hear what you think. Please leave a review if you could wherever you listen, that would be much appreciated and a big help.

Thanks for the support patrons. I am eternally grateful.

~Jim O'Connor