No Content Drop in February + A Bit of a Refresher Talk
Hey guys, Sylver here.

Just wanted to talk for a bit! Mostly because it's nearly the end of February (already two months into the year), and I've been feeling like not much has been happening on Patreon as of late. Don't get me wrong, I've been posting about my streams a ton, but it is feeling very one-sided as it's been generally what I've only posted about. I think the only breaks in-between were with Global Game Jam and the January 2018 Content Drop, and that's about it.

I put the Creatistream on hold for a while because I felt myself being kind of demotivated to do much art. Seeing that reflected on stream also gives me a mild panic, because it really does show how rusty I am these days, and I've found it a bit embarrassing - to say the least. I've had a great time drawing, but it's really a matter of getting into the habit of doing it a lot more. I mean, if I managed to put into digital art the level of intensity and drive that I've had for promoting my Twitch streaming, I almost guarantee that there would be more pieces readily available each and every week. I did say that digital art would be back in a big way, but it definitely has stalled right out of the gate and I want to get that wrong righted.

Video game development got a nice jolt thanks to my efforts in Global Game Jam this year, and although it's way too early to reveal concrete details, I am working on a project currently. I've been hashing together ideas and such for a while now, but I think I have a general plan for how to turn it into a game. More info on that as development ramps up.

I'm halfway to my goal of having 500 Twitch followers, which is wonderful. The Alphabet Challenge has gone through its first game, I've had consistent viewer numbers, and I feel like things are starting to get better and better with the consistency that I've had. Definitely a far cry from last year's streaming efforts before November.

As for Content Drop... I'm thinking about further restructuring to it because it feels like I can't turn in work every single month as I had hoped. I've thought about making it bi-monthly to give me some leeway or putting it back on hiatus, but I am still very unsure on how to move forward with that. It's become a problem when I look back at what I've done for the past month and I don't see anything substantial to zip up and share with everyone. At best, I may just default to the "when it's good and ready" model and not try to force things to happen. Nothing good ever comes out of that.

So those are my general thoughts for now: progress in some areas, lacking in a couple others, trying to spread the love evenly and make this Patreon worth something more to my patrons, and so on. 

Sound off if you have any particular ideas, or even ping me on Discord or Twitter with words of encouragement.

Take care!
- Sylver