No early access this week! (update)
Hi everyone! So I'm not going to be able to put videos out early for those who have pledged for earlier access. I feel so terrible and I'm not doing this on purpose, but it has come to my attention that Youtube has been fucking with me again.

I've noticed in the past week every time I had a video out early, or uploaded a few hours before it goes out to the public, they would demonetize it the second it goes public. Apparently someone has figured out that there's kind of a 2 hour limit, a free window that they won't demonetized until after 2 hours of the video being uploaded.

I'm going to run a test this week to see if this is true. I don't mean to take away anything from being a Patreon, I really don't. I just want to figure out if there's a way I can stop this from happening. I have already lost 50% of my revenue and this is concerning me as I use the money I earn on Youtube to pay my bills. 

So just for this week I will not be putting out videos early. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. If you missed my update video, I talk a little bit about what Youtube has said to me when I asked them about the demonetization. Either way thank you for your support here on Patreon! I will be updating the rewards/posting more things here, I've just had to adjust to a busy schedule the past month!