No early release this week - but, wait!!
No early release episode, but there's good news!

#1 - Episode will be much longer this week - so ... there's that. 

#2 - Bonus episode coming in a couple of days! I will give even more details about this week's fascinating case. There was too much to fit into one episode so the update on the case will be told in a Patreon-supporter-only mini episode! 

To get that episode you only have to be at "Alternative Rock God" status, or the $5 level. You can up your pledge to $5 for only this one month to get that episode - there is no commitment to stay at that level. However, you might want to consider doing so because more bonus episodes are in the works! 

Thanks to all of you at whatever level you are supporting the show! Those of you at the $10 level who have been waiting for your tote bag - they are here! They've all been shipped out and you should have them in your hands soon!