No Empty Venues When Arriving


  • Updated for game version 1.52.100.


This mod attempts to solve a long-time issue since 2015. In the launch version of TS4, when you travel to a venue there are usually already a lot of Sims inside the lot by the time your Sim arrives. In the current game, when you first travel to a venue there are usually only a few Sims inside the lot at most. Most NPC Sims will only start to arrive after your Sim has arrived. This is rather immersion breaking - if you go to a nightclub at 10pm for example, you should expect to see the nightclub already packed with Sims, as opposed to being mostly empty. This mod forces the game to load all NPC Sims during the loading screen so that by the time your Sim arrives, there are already a lot of Sims inside the lot.


I installed this mod but my venues are still very empty!

This mod does not increase the number of Sims on community lots. For instance if you go to a nightclub at 8am, the game is intentionally designed to not spawn many Sims at this hours. If you want more Sims on your lots, there are mods that do that.

When I travel to a lot, there are a bunch of Sims standing outside of the lot doing nothing, instead of being inside the lot. What's up with that?

This is because these Sims could not find any valid interactions to do during the loading screen. In order to reduce loading times, Maxis has whitelisted a very limited number of interactions as valid to do during the loading screen. If a Sim couldn't find any interactions to do, then they'll stand outside the lot. If you use my other mod, Visitors Not Spawning in Front of Venues, then they'll stand on a spawn point in the neighborhood (and thus less immersion breaking as they're outside of your sight). You can also use my other mod, Improved Autonomy During Loading Screens to minimize this issue.

Does this mod work for all venue types?

No. Some venue types such as retail shops have special spawn behaviors. This mod currently does not work for these venue types.

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