No Fake Friday - Glenn Case - Overkill (Men at Work Cover)

Full disclosure: This might be described as MOSTLY No Fake. The performances are all real, but an edit is in there. I messed up bad enough on the drums in one spot that it would have ruined the song without the edit. Hopefully the Golden Girls T-shirt makes up for that to some extent.

This composition gained a second life as as a result of the TV show "Scrubs", but I wouldn't find out about that until years after that moment in TV history happened. I enjoyed the song when Men at Work's original version was new, and I fell in love with the Lazlo Bane cover (and accompanying music video) that featured Colin Hay on the last verse. 

Speaking of Colin Hay - He is still making excellent music. I recently heard his newest album "Fierce Mercy", and it is absolutely worth your time. Also, he is represented on Twitter under the username @ColinHay