No Fake Friday - When You're in Love With a Beautiful Woman (Dr. Hook Cover)
Glenn here. A day late, but "No Fake Saturday" really doesn't have the same ring to it.

My good friend Tony requested this song months ago, and he specifically  asked if I would wear a cowboy hat and eye patch. It took a while, but I obliged. 

Side note: I have launched my own solo Patreon page where I will be releasing a new song every week on Thursdays for $4 a month, but $10 (or higher) Grammar Club patrons will ALSO be getting that content. Just more content and an added thank you for those of you who are already supporting us at the $10 level.

Of course, if you're not already at the $10 level? Now there's more content, and perhaps more incentive to join us at a $10 monthly minimum! No judgement here either way.