No Fake Friday - She's Electric (Oasis Cover)

"I'll take 'Oasis songs that are not 'Wonderwall' for $800, Alex!"

In my estimation, there are two nearly perfect Oasis albums - "Definitely Maybe", and "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" I ADORED Oasis when these albums came out, and then I started reading articles and watching interviews... The more that I learned about the brothers Gallagher, the less I found myself able to enjoy the band.

So, it was honestly a relief when I didn't hear much of anything else by Oasis that I liked after these two albums. I have gone back and attempted to listen to their later albums with fresh ears, and none of it really connects for me. Your mileage may vary.

The problem might very well be that the standard was set very, very high with the two aforementioned albums. There really isn't a bad song in the bunch. This particular song is very, very fun to play and sing. I would love to tackle "Slide Away" at some point as well.

I'll gladly take song suggestions of what I should listen to if you feel like I have overlooked some gems on their later albums.