No Fake Friday - 45 - Elvis Costello cover

A No Fake Friday that lands ON my 45th birthday? I wasn't going to miss out on this opportunity! Elvis Costello is easily one of my favorite songwriters and performers, and I especially love his "When I Was Cruel" album from 2002, which kicks off with this gem of a song.

The first song on the 2013 Glenn Case album "Throw Money" is called "Bullseye Girl" and it was my attempt at a fake Elvis Costello song. I kept it short, and tried to get a vibe similar to "Welcome to the Working Week" from Elvis Costello's "My Aim is True". I initially recorded the song under the silly pseudonym "Abbott Presley". 

While listening to the lyrics of "45" today in preparation for this video I noticed that line "9 years later a child is born" and I put a piece of the puzzle together that I hadn't previously realized. I figured he was talking about "45" single records, and reaching the age of 45... but that line made me think "Wait... Is he also talking about the YEAR 1945 at the beginning of the song, and was he born 9 years later?" Yes. Yes, he was. I yelled something out loud about him being too damn smart, and became even more stoked to record this.

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