No Fake... Monday? - Do You Have it In Your Heart - Debbie Gibson cover

Recorded on a whim yesterday after finishing a couple of original songs.

Attempted this song in celebration of the 26th anniversary of Debbie Gibson's "Body, Mind, Soul". I was going to save this for a No Fake Friday, but decided to make it a bonus instead. I did have to re-record the lead vocal because the one I recorded simultaneously with the piano clipped horribly in spots to the point of being unlistenable. I did try to get as close as I could with the alternate vocal.

I tried filming with my phone instead of the usual camera, and I am not sure that I like it. The focus was/is freaking out, so I would need to make some adjustments before trying again.

I purchased "Body, Mind, Soul" years ago not necessarily expecting much, and I was absolutely blown away by "Love or Money", this song, and a few others from the album.

Embarrassing story time! As you likely know - I am always obsessed with something, and I became obsessed with Debbie Gibson right around the time this album was released. My younger, naive self thought "One of these days I am going to meet her, we're going to write songs together, and it's going to be fantastic! We will play Tetris! (She mentioned Tetris in the liner notes of the album.)" I even wrote songs ABOUT her - I meant well, and had innocent enough intentions but the lyrics were bordering on stalker status, and I recognize that now. I mailed them to her fan club, and I pray she never got them. Hopefully those songs will not see the light of day while I am alive because they are embarrassing as hell.  Some damn decent melodies 'though. Might have to go back and re-work a couple of those at some point.

Whatever opinion you might have of Ms. Gibson, this is a fantastic song. I highly recommend checking out the original. I feel it holds up quite well, and I am shocked that it doesn't appear to have been released as a single. That high note she hits in the song is absolutely outrageous, and seems like it shouldn't be possible to hit. (I sang the song an octave lower specifically to avoid that note.)