No Hiding in the Center
I watched the country burn in the 1960's.  I was just 13 when the decade ended.  Even I knew there had to be a better way.  As I read my high school history books, I began to worship compromise.  You get something.  We get something.  And we all go away happy.  Ah, youth!  It took me many years to realize that compromise only works when both sides want something.  It doesn't work when one side wants everything.  

Compromise also fails when there is demonstrably one correct solution to a problem.  I recall a NIMBY revolt against a waste-water treatment plant.  The design engineers assured the neighborhood that, as proposed, break-through technology would make the plant odorless.  The locals resisted and succeeded in getting their compromise.  The size of the plant would be reduced even though the engineers warned that the smaller plant would reek.  The compromise went through and stink it did!

My side is notoriously wobbly.  We think we can meet our opponents half-way.  But they are not even on the same road.  We tend to avoid confrontation, look for common ground, seek compromise.  But there is no hiding in the Center from radicalism.  Sometimes you just have to prevail.