No, I Haven't Disappeared
Just as I started to write this post, my dog Chewbacca, who has been mad at me for three days, lay down in my lap. So, now I'm typing sideways, such is my devotion to you.

I have spent the last two days manically making jewelry. One of the benefits of being completely mad, PMS manifests in different ways on the meds. Sometimes it's a manic phase, which it was this time. A very productive one, at that. I made a ton of jewelry. Pictured above is one of the necklace/earring sets I made.

Mostly what I made were Period Pride/Period Power items. Taking from the new social awareness of the existence of menstruation, I revived a jewelry line I created in 2003, featuring red, and moons and meant to be worn during that time of the month, to raise awareness that it happens, that it's natural, and that people need to deal with it.

Then I got off on inspiration from a bag of stuff I had picked out at a bead expo about 8 years ago that a friend of Doc's graciously bought me, that I stashed away, and never considered again. I ended up emptying that bag and creating things out of all of it. And making myself a nice little something. I rarely, if ever, make myself jewelry, because I don't wear much. Sometimes I will take and wear the fuck-ups I end up with. But to actually make something for myself is really rare, like once-in-a-decade rare. So I made myself a short necklace with black ball chain and skulls carved out of polished bone. It's the nicest thing I've had in a long time. It would cost a lot to buy. I've never seen anything like it, and I couldn't replicate it if I wanted to.

I listed all of the stuff I made on Etsy, it may not seem like there is a lot there, but most of the earrings I made multiple pairs of and most of the bracelets I am still assembling the findings on. The link is:, if you want to go take a look around, maybe do some shopping. I'm trying to make some scratch real quick to buy an Amazon Prime membership so I can start ordering my rat supplies without paying for the horrible shipping. I have about $200 in stuff to order and most of it is under $10 and will be shipped separately and so I would be charged separately for each. I can't do that. That $200 doesn't include the cost of the rats' adoption or neuterings. I'm trying to keep this down, Doc is against the rats to begin with.

As it is, he wants them kept in my room. He is offering to put the flat screen TV in my room, with the cable box, and buying a bigger TV for in here so I can put the rats in my room and spend my time in there with them. We really can't afford that, and I think once I tell him that I'm going to be keeping the cage clean and getting them neutered so they won't have that musky smell or marking behavior, he will open up to having them in the living room. I want to wall-mount the TV, and put them on the entertainment center, under it. So they can sit in their cage and watch TV.

And I came up with names for them, you are the first ones I am telling. I was going to get a pair of females, and name them River and Melody. But the more reading I did, the more I realized that I was more cut out for males. So that left me with a name dilemma. Unable to turn to my Doctor Who fandom to solve this one, I looked to my other fandoms, and came up with Mal and Jayne. So, by the end of the summer, I will have two rats called Mal and Jayne. 

And that is the update. Jwelry and rats.