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The No-Jive Five: trading good behavior for misbehavior
No-Jive Five parrot training.

Does your parrot eat the woodwork, scream incessantly, or bite? The No-Jive Five can help!

A parrot is a huge investment. They require time much like a two-year old human child but they are not human. They are complex. Their bodies and minds come from a world we can’t ever experience. This leaves us at a disadvantage.

In ancient times different cultures found ways to deal with each other. They made market places and began trading with one another.

We do a different kind of trading, but trading it is. We trade with our parrot in order to keep our friend, our companion, our investment, happy. We trade in order to keep the men in the white coats from escorting us to a room with padded walls.

There are five different kinds of trades we make. They are: “the trade off“, “the Chinese finger puzzle“, “slamming on the brakes“, “revving the engine“ and “any port in a storm.”

If you would like to be hone your skills as a Trader, come with us in episode 47 of Cockatude, “The No-Jive Five” trading skills you need to profit from your parrot’s good behavior.

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“It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows.”— Epictetus CE 55-155

These links are to awareness tests that will surprise you. We think we know exactly what we are seeing but do we? Cognitive scientists say no. This videos prove it!

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Basketball test: No matter how closely you watch this video you will probably not get the right answer!