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This update is four pages, but two of them aren't part of the story--they're in memoriam. One of my patrons lost her husband this week. 

He was an amazing man, one of the many incredibly kind people that i've been lucky to meet through the science fiction & fantasy community. I have prosopagnosia and it's often difficult or impossible for me to recognize people, but i always knew Jordin because of his gentle, warm smile and his floofy eyebrows. <3

He died too soon, but in his time here, he accomplished so much. I think about his achievements and feel more determined to do the things i do best, and do them fiercely.

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Patient and canny, you wait for the sea to yield its treasures. You spread your largess far and wide, and though you expect nothing, you keep a sharp eye on the shore, because you'll be the first to enjoy what the sea gives back.

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You're not satisfied with the sea's flotsam--you covet its real treasures, those it cloaks below the waves and refuses to give back. And you will have them, because you're not afraid of the depths.

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Your rubric for life is a simple question: if you survive, will it make a good story? You always choose the path that leads to "Yes," and you have a select hoard of relics to help you relive those adventures. (All of the above + a personalized postcard each month.) 
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