No Longer a Victim
I have come to notice that people are like "Babies" meaning they are going to act and behave how they are going to. Trying to control their actions is pointless. 

Controling how you behave and react is the main source of your power. 

If someone tries to treat you in an unhealthy way they are not saying they don't love you. What they might be saying is they don't love themselves. 

They are doing the best they know how and practicing how they were taught to love. 

If a relationship behavior isn't working for us. We can be assertive and set a boundary, we might even get angry for a brief moment, but we can not afford to hold on to resent. 

It is difficult to be kind and gentle when someone is clearly trying to aggevivate us for whatever reason. 

But once we fully realize we're not made to be victims and our goal is to be happy and free we can quickly begin setting a boundary, detaching with love, practicing self love, and continuing to love others in healthy ways. 

You are not a victim and determine to treat yourself with honor and respect. As a result others honor and respect you. 

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