Is fucking shit........

Like I dont know what these companies think these days, lets put all our coding efforts into a our random world system..... then get a artist 2 months from launch to make buildings and stuff..... the only thing on these worlds that we need to go to.

I am really disappointed.

Witcher 3 

  • great story
  •  basic as fuck combat

Fallout 4

  • awesome world setting, 
  • awesome combat compared to 3. 
  • Shit story.

Tomb Raider

  • Nice graphics
  • Ok Story
  • Linear AF

No Mans Sky

  • procedural generations of worlds
  • economics
  • Can make more money sitting in a space station doing nothing
  • Shit flying system
  • Shit nav system
  • Shit camera view
  • Lack of depth in trading
  • Lack of depth in places to visit

Day-Z SA

  • Took a awesome mod and turned it into studio shitness
  • Buggy af
  • Bad choice in making a half assed engine instead of using ARMA 3's


  • 1 man studio
  • Basic art desgin
  • massive depth
  • brutally hard if you choose to play that way


  • Plauged with shitty FPS
  • Brutal
  • modded like fuck
  • RNGesus sometimes hates you
  • awesome game

I am coming to the conclusion that big studios besides Bethesda really dont know what I want as a player. This downfall started when Xbox came out imo when the masses came to casual gaming. I am a hardcore gamer that likes to play games that will punish you instead of spoon-fed you. RimWorld gives zero fucks you have to play 100hrs before you are even half-way decent in knowledge. Yet it is such a basic game and only has 1 Dev and it kicks the shit out of almost every game I have played since Day-Z mod was released.

Day-Z SA is fucking aids because they no longer take risks, Day-Z mod was followed by Breaking Point another mod this time it was for Arma3 engine. Its a fucking shame that modders are the ones bringing us awesome games/mod because its a passion that drives them, not paying the bills first passion second.