No Matter-Michaud Savage
Here's a throwback for you, to December 2014! This is a piece that was commissioned by the Seattle Rock Orchestra for their New Works program. Featuring me on vocals, this is a tune I wrote for someone very dear to me who has endured unimaginable hardship. Even decades later, they struggle with ongoing trauma and depression as a result of their post-traumatic stress disorder.

I made a vow, that should I ever have the opportunity to work with an orchestra, that I would sing them a song. And so I wrote, composed, and arranged "No Matter," for chamber orchestra.  

I give my great thanks to Scott Teske and the SRO for their support and willingness in helping my work along as a composer. This was an incredible gift and privilege, and I give my deepest thanks for this occasion. Thanks to Willy Walker for the video work! Also, this was my first time in composing for an ensemble of this size!!!