No more bullshit, now I am really back!
Now I am really back So I published first videos yesterday. And if feels great! Now just to keep up with recording and creating a backlog again. I know that my activity was really shitty lately but I strive to improve. Here is what I am working on now: a) Filler videos: - I recorded (and will record some more) Dungeon Crawl which goes up right after Gone Home LP - I will invest time into Kerbal Space Program and then into Darkest Hour (yes, finally) b) New LP's - Aurora is being prepared. The LP will be awesome so I am really looking forward to that. Actually can't wait but the scenario is being worked on by Jorgen, my "DM"so there is no way in which I can hurry things up. Big thanks BTW for all his work! c) additional new LP's - I have negotiated some more LP's that might appear soon. Namely: Crusader Kings II MP and 7 Days to Die MP d) The Wesnoth League is still on - I have about 10 videos recorded but not yet edited. Should be up as soon as I can get to them. I hope you guys will enjoy these as much as I. Meanwhile let me know what you guys would like to see here (if someone is even here). I am still not sold on what I am going to use this place for (other than random posts about stuff that intrigues me). α
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