No More Dungeons! my #VitaJam2019 entry! Available tomorrow!

On the occasion of the  PSVita Game Jam 2019  I'm very happy to announce my newest project with the title No More Dungeons! 

I had a lot of fun making this game. It's a fast paced dungeon crawler game with randomly generated dungeons and lots of dangerous monsters.

The game features progressive difficulty that changes dynamically every time you move to the next room but keeps a great balance by rewarding the player with powerful power-ups and score boost items.

How far can you go? The game keeps track of your hi-score so you can share it later with the world.

No More Dungeons! is easy to learn, quick to play, and highly addictive!

The game will be available tomorrow April 18th for download! 


- Stylized Console Quality Graphics

- Randomly Generated Dungeons and Enemy Encounters

- 3 Magic Power-Ups Including Fire, Ice, Lightning

- 8-bit Sound Effects

- 8 Monsters with Various Attributes

- Local Hi-Score System

- Simple to pick up but hard to put down

Bonus Screenshots:

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