No More Dungeons! is now available!

No More Dungeons! is my entry for the PSVita Game Jam 2019 and it's now available for download.

You can read more about the game on my previous post here.

You can download the vpk file from the Google Drive link below: 

To install the vpk on your homebrew enabled PS Vita I recommend to use VitaShell. Also it is recommended to have the reF00D  plugin installed.

Controls are very simple: move with the left stick and attack with the X button.

If you try the game please feel free to share your impressions about the game or any issues/bugs you may encounter.

And don't forget to share a screenshot of your high score on Twitter!  

Also I'm working on the new update for Fallen Knights, there still some work left to do but hopefully I will have the version ready for my Patrons by the end of the month.

Thanks for your support!

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