No One Gets Out Alive
Well...The worst shooting in US history just happened last night, and Tom Petty died today.  This is a crazy life and a crazy world.  Life is precious, life is flimsy, and life is short.  That's what this song is all about.  I wrote it with my Dad when he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.  Again, like the last post there are no lyrics, but I hope you enjoy the music.  

I would like your help.  If you have time, please read the lyrics.  I have written a verse 2 and an alternate version to verse 2.  Which one do you like better?  Which one do you feel speaks more to you?  

Here are lyrics:  No One Gets Out Alive

Verse 1:

Somethings changed today

It's the last day and the first day of my life

All my shades of gray have been stripped away

Until the truth is blinding light

Tomorrow may never come Man it's do or die


Ho hey, we're here today

And you get me so high

Hey ho, all I know

Is there's only one way out

Oh and no one (no one)

No One Gets out alive

All you have to do

Verse 2:

All you have to do

Is decide what to do with what little time we’re given

All the gods, all the heavens, all the hells 

Are within you, SO GET UP! Cause life's for livin’

We're here today and the future is unwritten


Verse 2 Alternate: 

All you have to do

Is decide what to do with what little time we’re given

We’ve got hard times to spare

So crack a beer and a grab a guitar cause life’s for livin’

Life is short but I won’t wait for heaven

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