No one is reading because I have no patrons: Top 10 reasons why I have no patrons but plenty of fans.
This is based on the top 10 things Patreon recommends you do, that  haven't worked for me. 

1. Consider having more than 1 goal

-I have several goals  

 2. Consider having more than 2 reward tiers

-already done 

3. Make more than 3 unpaid posts in your first month

-I made three different posts with videos on previous projects to show off my work. Including a film, music, video, and concert. Plenty of views and boosted my YouTube subscribers but no Patrons. 

4. & 5. Send some messages in your first month & Spread the word on social media!

-I sent so many messages! Throughout all social media, emails, posts, even advertisements. I got 12,000 likes via my facebook boosted posts and thousands more in views but no patrons. 

6. Launch Before You Launch


Many creators don’t realize that there are actually two steps to “launching” your campaign.  The first is by clicking the green “launch” button that propels your campaign out into the world and makes you visible to all who find your page. The second “launch” is your promotional launch, where you share your campaign out to your various social networks, friends, and fans.

-What I said in points 4&5. Plus I have kept sharing my patron info everywhere and changed the reward tiers every month! I even gave the option to make your own rewards. So in a way I've been relaunching my patron to my friends, family, and fans every month since officially launching. 

7. Always Be Creating

In the words of Patreon:

"You’ve done it all: HTML, a sleek explainer video, a plethora of rewards..." 

-I'm constantly sharing my work with my fans and friends. Because I'm constantly creating! I'm typically working on 3-4 different projects a month at least. That's why I signed up to set up a campaign on Patreon. It's meant for people who are constantly working on something creative.

It's very frustrating when lots of people love your work, you feel successful booking several gigs a month, but your confidence gets dashed sometimes when you realize your support group only cares when you work with others but won't support you when you try to work for yourself. 

8. Share with friends and family first 

-This is the one that really makes me grind my teeth. This is the one every crowd funding site will tell you. And its one of those one size fits all tools that really doesn't fit all. My family is cheap and doesn't spend money on anything they don't need to and my friends are poor they can't even spare $1 for a friend when they are all working two jobs and just getting by when we live in the number one most expensive place to live and work in the USA. 

9. Share with Fans 

-I don't want to say this is a lost cause.  Although my fans are very active in my work, there isn't much in terms of rewards that I can come up with that really sparks their interest. Most of them like watching me on YouTube or looking at my pictures for free. My most loyal fans like to come see me perform live but have other things on their mind when it comes to putting money towards an online campaign. 

10. Advertising

-I've done literally everything I can in terms of free an affordable advertising on the web and even in print. Putting anymore money into this without receiving a single penny is a little pointless. 

-What I've noticed as that most successful campaigns don't have a lot of advertising at all. But what they do have is an insane amount of resources already at their disposal. Like an agent, a recording contract, or have already reached fandom in a main stream way and have so many fans that they could have plucked a hair from their head, put it in a jar, and put it as a reward for a few dollars and have thousands of patrons for months with the sane reward. Talk about frustrating. It makes you lose your self worth a little right?

-Case in point, Patreon tends to do interviews with successful campaigners. This month they did one about s girl who makes a ton of money on patreon for her music. #1 She is the wife of an executive that works at Patreon. #2 Even if you get passed that she already has a recording contract but wanted to use patreon for some personal projects. What do you need a Patreon for!!! You have a rich husband and a steady income as a musician! (Which by the way patreon had to block comments on this article cause everyone felt the same) 

As I mentioned in my introduction I was lucky enough to be able to quit my day job to do what I love. But I by no means consider myself rich and famous. I work my butt off and my money almost goes purely to bills. At this point I don't expect to become rich and famous. I'd be happy just being able to work in the arts forever with an average salary. But I do literally everything myself. And it would be really nice to not have to worry about finances for little things such as advertising, transportation, and supplies for my work. And it would be great to pay those who help me behind the scenes instead of waiting a year for collaborators to have free time in their schedule. 

If you made it this far I congratulate you for your patience. You probably feel I should be paying you for your time at this point. But now you can kinda see where I've been in this campaign and why the system of suggestions for a successful Patreon Campaign doesn't work for everyone and why probably no one is reading this because I have no patrons. 

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