No One's In This Alone
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Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per Music Video
Pledge $0.01 or more per Music Video
Patrons Only
Tier 1
$1 or more per Music Video 32 patrons
Thank you~!
Gain access to Patreon-exclusive content including MP3s, updates, and participation in discussions and polls! Your input will help me to determine what type of content i'm putting out. I will be frequently polling for ideas.
Tier 2
$5 or more per Music Video 23 patrons
Thank youu~!
All the above. +
Gain access to songs as soon as they are done, as opposed to their release dates! My songs are always finished before the rest of the projects are completed. Songs could be finished a few days, or even months, ahead of schedule.
Tier 3
$10 or more per Music Video 1 patron
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All the above. +
Ask me anything (multiple things)! I will post a video answering all of your questions! =3
Tier 4
$15 or more per Music Video 1 patron
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All the above. +
Allows you to post in a Suggestion Box. Make any suggestion for my music or videos! I will take these suggestions to heart and will try my best to keep them in mind while i'm producing content. ^^
Tier 5
$25 or more per Music Video 3 patrons
Thank youuuuuu~!
All the above. +
Specific songs will be marked with {U} in their descriptions. Anyone at this level may e-mail me to get my written consent, sent in a PDF, stating that you are allowed to use this song for anything you would like. Put it in a video that's monetized, advertise a product, and so on.
Tier 6
$50 or more per Music Video 1 of 2 patrons
Thank youuuuuuu~!
All the above. +
An Hour with Static-P!
One on one time for an hour at minimum to talk about anything. Help with music or just the weather! (Once a month, we'll set up whatever time works best for you.)
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