No Paradigm Shift Central Live Broadcast This Week
Hey Team, 

Just to confirm for those who missed the previous information in the last team message, we are holding off on a broadcast this week. Reason being is I need to keep my focus in on a documentary I am finishing with my father that has a deadline coming up. The good news is that once it is complete then I will be able to help us switch back some major focus into the project again and really allow it to activate in the way it is created to. 

But in the meantime as always the game continues through the actions each of us carry in our day to day lives. Everyone is invited to keep thinking about potential topics for Quest Journals and Conscious Articles, videos, art, and more that they can create and contribute through the project and we will help feature it to a wider global audience as we collectively document and archive the shift. 

Be sure to keep connected to my profile on facebook, as I will still be doing broadcasts through there and additional updates will be posted.

If you have any questions just let me know.

Check out the past broadcasts all online under the Radio button at 

Thank you for all you are doing, and all that you are becoming. 

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon