Following a creative dream is hard. I think it's a lot harder for people who have an option to do other careers instead. Nothing of the sort ever occurred to me; I'm qualified for nothing else. I'm not even qualified to do the job I studied for, which is animation. I haven't really done it in years, and I'm wildly out of practice, though I dabble now and again when I want a tiny world to rule.  Now and again the fear hits: "How am I doing this? How is this real? Who gets PAID to goof around like I do?" Of course, what I do involves relatively little actual goofing around - waiting for work is anything but a holiday, as much as the nine-to-five crowd insist that's what it looks like. It's got easier over the years; I trust that work will come. I do not trust blindly; it's been my ongoing experience. Work always does come, eventually. So long as I do what I'm supposed to be doing, the money side takes care of itself.  KC