No Politics (an update)
I will still do my videos on political topics in the news. What I attempted to say (not that well) was that I am no longer going to comment on internal political drama.  

As a child of divorce, I understand the loyalty conflicts that sadly happen at times. A child typically wants to love both his mother and father without having to choose sides in a conflict. I have found that in political life the same situation sometimes occurs. If you are friends with someone who tells you horrible things another person has done to them, they tend to feel betrayed if you still associate with such a person. And then if you reach out to the other side, you quickly end up in the middle. That is a no win situation. 

This does not mean that everything that is said is all a misunderstanding. I believe that people can do bad things. But unless it effects me directly, I will not comment on it. 

I am also not in the business of "disavowing" anyone. However, my refusal to disavow does not necessarily I support a person or all their actions.