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Hey food Nerds! Lately I've been obsessed/craving Gua bao or pork buns. No, not the steamed round stuffed kind(Siopao). Though those are pretty good too. I'm talking about the one that looks like a taco. A taco born out of angel tears and clouds through immaculate conception. Gua Bao is originally Taiwanese, but the Japanese also adopted it and made it their own. Regardless of it's origin, it is to die for! The pork is brined then braised to perfection that it practically melts in your mouth. It becomes this savory, sweet, slightly tangy velvety kiss in your tongue, that thinking about it makes me want to cry. The bun is so pillowy soft beyond anything. If you haven tried it, you should because it's like amazing, but I digress. *deep sighs* I'm making myself hungry talking about this. My obsession with this has reminded me of Anthony Bourdain's age old question. Say, it is your last day on earth, what would be your last meal? Well right now my answer is quite obvious. I want a mountain of pork belly buns! Let me know your's and why? Anyways, humor the random musing of a starving guy. Happy nomming, Ken ^_^
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