No Rest for the Wabbit

Hey everybody.  It’s the turning of the month, and you deserve an update.  I wish I could say I’ve made significant progress towards the Omnibus, but… well, I’ve kept pretty busy.  My family has been in need lately.

In case you hadn’t heard, shortly before my sister had her baby last year my father tripped on a sidewalk in New York City and shattered his wrist.  JonTron can poke fun, but those half-inch rises are serious business!  Dad called me up while he was waiting for the ambulance, and it sounded pretty gruesome.  Poor guy had to have a metal contraption put in his wrist, which prevented him from using his dominant hand for weeks while he recovered.  I had to help him get by with driving, lifting heavy objects, opening bottles, tending to the dogs, writing e-mails, and so on.  But that wasn’t the end of it.

While he was in the hospital they’d discovered a potential risk to his heart and decided that he might need a stent (a little tube inserted into blocked vessels). So we went back and they examined his innards, and it turned out that a main artery was so severely blocked that he was practically living on borrowed time.  They said that breaking his arm probably saved his life, since they likely wouldn’t have discovered the blockage otherwise.  They inserted the stent to keep the artery open (and they went in through his right wrist, which meant another five days of treating that hand like it was made of china) and put him on an extensive medicinal regimen that he has to stick to religiously.  I made some charts and programmed his phone alarm to help him keep track of the seven pills he now has to take at various times every day.  And to top it all off, the doctors also spotted a suspicious spot on one of his kidneys, so he may have to have it partially or entirely removed in a few weeks!  Which will be another adventure.  But he’s on the mend, and that’s the important thing!

Except that he just recently slipped on some ice and hurt his hand AGAIN and bruised his hip, and I took him to a local hospital where they wrapped that same arm up in another cast for a few days and told him that they found a different suspicious spot in one of the X-rays which may indicate another potential cancer warning, so now he’s also going to need a bone scan.  Woof.

Meanwhile, my Mom’s been having pretty bad neck and back pain, and I’ve been driving her to her therapy sessions because she can’t drive her own car, because she was bringing it home from the garage a few weeks ago (where they’d just replaced a broken side-view mirror that’s been held together with duct tape for years) and the sun got in her eyes and a stray garbage can destroyed the side-view mirror (yes, the same one), so we ordered another replacement from the local auto-parts shop, but the order got screwed up and I had to order it again.  And, hey, did I mention that Mom and Dad live in different towns?  So I’ve been darting back and forth across the Hudson River like a maniac.  And then there’s the fact that it’s tax season, which peppers absolutely everything with an added layer of underlying stress!

Well, it feels good to get that all off my chest.  But the point is that I’ve had a full plate.  I’m just really grateful that my parents are both still here and that we’re making it through some risky business.  And I’m grateful for you, too!  For everyone that’s still offering support, either through Patreon or simply by following my work.  I’m sorry that my progress has been slow, and I’m not going to make promises that the pace will quickly change.  There’s still a lot to do.  But I am still progressing, and I know that I wouldn’t be nearly as far along as I am now without you.  Thanks for being here, and I’ll keep you posted, alright?  I'm going to have things to show you soon!

Speaking of which, do you like my ostensibly humble but vaguely pretentious sketchy self portrait?  I farted it out in like a half-hour.  Too much to do, too much to do….


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