No Rest on this Beach
This is just a little story of summertime and beaches, because I wanted to. 


At first, we all thought it was some asshole in a particularly good Godzilla costume. 

There was a convention going on, after all, just a couple blocks away, and there were at least three people within sight wearing a Deadpool mask, a matching speedo, and nothing else, to say nothing of the Warhammer angel stoic in her black armor over on the boardwalk.   I myself was one of at least five women in Wonder Woman swimsuits getting a little surf-and-sun on in between panels. 

Like I said, we thought he was a jerk in a well-articulated costume, stomping up and down the beach and destroying sandcastles.  Someone had called the beach police, and a few people had told him to cut it out.  One guy in a pretty good Hercules outfit stepped up to him and, staying perfectly in character, told him to be a better person. 

Staying perfectly in character, Godzilla threw Hercules across the beach. 

That’s when we thought it might be something more serious.  I mean, nobody really paid attention to those rumors about the water quality, did they…?  There was no such thing as too good of water, not in this modern age, no matter how good Dr. Eistert’s pollution scrubber was…?

But there was an eight-foot tall semi-aquatic lizard throwing people around, and the police were about to be seriously outnumbered. 

I sat up and shared a look with the nearest Wonder-Woman-clad woman.  She pushed long cornrow braids out of her face and sighed melodramatically.  

The rest of us got standing pretty quickly as the first cop went flying. 

Not even an Amazon could get a vacation these days, it seemed like. 

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