No Show Tonight - Preorder Master P-S Theatre!
So I got the new apartment. Signed the lease. The new studio will be coming soon. There's gonna be some interruption in shows during the transition, hold tight on that.

Tonight will be our first missed show unfortunately. We will still most likely have FNHE on Friday, might even do a makeup Cringe show tomorrow or before FNHE. Sunday's show is up in the air, but I will be doing Craigslist Roulette before the studio gets packed up.

I'll keep ya posted but in the mean time, make sure you get a sweet preorder of the next Master P-S Theatre. "Jesse & Andrea's Bogus Journey." If you don't know, Master P-S Theatre are downloadable prank call shows I put out, featuring hours worth of straight up torture for the poor targets featured in them. Bogus Journey is an insane rollercoaster featuring a fake psychic, a fucked up beyond belief family, and crossing a line into illegal territory. ($40 level Pizza Funders get this one for FREE!)