No sir... not funny.

So, I posted a video called "2am really???"  This was my first attempt at stand up comedy.  Yes, there some truth to the story, but basically me testing if I could ever get on a stage, tell jokes, and make someone laugh.  ...something I've often wondered.  I didn't indicate that it was meant to be funny to see what reactions would come of it.

Mixed.  There were some "ha ha ha, Yeah."... which was encouraging, but then a lot of "Woah, dude!  You need to keep your personal frustruations off the internet.  Who pissed in your corn flakes?"  ....which was... kinda the opposite reaction for which I'd hope.

So...  I'm thinking... perhaps I need to go a little more overboard. push my story outside the bounds of reality so its clear that I'm telling a funny story.  I did think that maybe I could make funnier faces, but I've been informed that I simply don't have a funny face.  ARGH!  Groucho glasses?

I'll ponder this next time I'm awoken by a cockroach.

(See?  Now, I think that last line was pure gold.  ....some hilarious stuff.  ...but I think I need to work on my delivery because some peopl take it as me being frustruated... although I always found poker faces to be hilarious.  Hmmm.... quite the dilemma.) 

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