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On you can generate your own unique Riot Points Code. You can choose between: 840 , 1780 and 3620 free rp. This site contains an unique algorithm to create in-game codes for League of Legends. all you have to do is follow some quick and easy steps to create your rp lol. Once you've generated your code, you can redeem your lol Riot Points in the official store of Riot Games. Redeem the code as a prepaid League of Legends code and your account will be credited with the value of your Code. Everyone is allowed to create their own free rp codes, but we kindly ask our participants, to get one code a day. This way other dedicated LoL players can also profit from this amazing Riot Points Generator. Goodluck with your Points and spend them well!

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Everyone can generate free riot points on this website. All you have to do is follow some quick and easy steps and your code will be generated, afterwards redeem the code in the store to receive your credit. If you have doubts about the legitimacy of this website please check our Youtube for a tutorial. It will show exactly how it works and that it works. You could also check the costumer experiences in the testimonial tab and on our Facebook Page. Now don't wait any longer and generate your rp codes so you can buy your new Champions, Skins and Rune Pages! Upgrade your account with resources, to enhance your gaming experience. This can be done with one of the LoL Promo Codes available during the Giveaways on Social media. Simply by letting us know you are following us you can increase your winning chances. Now be active, and follow the League of Legends giveaway on our pages.

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League of Legends Promo Code stands for the in-game currency used in the game. the resources are usable in the Store where you can buy champions, skins, ward kinds, boosts and other cool features to enhance your gaming experience. Instead of playing games to gather points to buy new champions. they require a payment meaning that they are not without costs. It is the perfect way to boost a new account with experience and IP boosts. The Hacks tool provides you with a way too get Lol promotion codes. Just click on the amount of Lol Promo codes you prefer and start the process. If you need more information about Free RP, please contact us. 

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Most of the online games has some premium currencies and the gaming company wanted you to buy them for real money. One of the most important resources in League of Legends are the Riot Points. Are you looking for a place where you can get yourself free Riot Points code for League of Legends? If that’s so, then you are in the right place. But wait, our new League of Legends generator do not only give you the amount of “RP” you need to buy new League of Legends skins but can get you all League of Legends skins unlocked for free and play like the people that are spending hundreds of dollars a month to buy Riot Points codes. Now, with just the click of a mouse, you can get many amounts of free Riot Points with this Online Resources Generator Hacks tool for League of Legends.

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Since most of the League of Legends players cannot afford Riot Points, our generator comes handy. This is the best working RP Hacks tool in the internet and people are already using it to unlock all the skins and champions of the game. This RP Generator is developed by game hackers with the aim of making the other players feel the happiness of having unlimited skins and champions in the game. There are plenty of advantages in using this generator tool. People these days prefer online free RP methods instead of downloading hacks or cheats. In that way they can avoid any malwares in their system.

You can make use of our free RP codes method to generate the amount of Riot Points and get the skins you need to enhance your League of Legends experience. Here, we provide an Online Resources Generator with a mobile-friendly interface that allows you to get your in-game RP Codes with much ease.

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There is a guarantee that the generated Riot Points codes will work in your game. They are just like the normal RP you earn through the game or purchase from League of Legends developers. These cheats do not need to be downloaded. You are secure, it works like a dream, and allow you to buy any skin without spending real money into buying RP codes. Our Online Resources Generator is specially designed to ensure your information remains encrypted and the method go undetected. You do not have to worry about being banned from League of Legends since the tool can be used without detection and require verification before being awarded the free RP codes.

How to Get Free Riot Points Are you wondering how to get free riot points codes, or if that is even possible?Free Riot Points

We are here to respond to this with a simple answer: YES! If you are interested in getting all the best things that League of Legends (LoL) has to offer, than you’re one lucky person, on the right website to satisfy your needs.

Riotgen is a team of passionate programmers, developers and fanatical League of Legends players. We have great respect for the creators of LoL for giving us this wonderful competitive online game, but we are not advocates of their high prices for riot points. One day we decided to search the internet for how to get free riot points and all we got was false generators and promises. That’s when we decided there was need for a change, a need for a Android iOS, free riot points codes generator. So we took the matter into our own hands.

Our team has been working for months, reverse engineering the official riot points code generation process and have discovered their working pattern. The keys are validated over the internet, when the generator establishes a session with the licensing application of the Riot Games server. The keygen then generates the validation data and you are presented with a fresh riots points code, ready to be redeemed.

What does that mean for you? A REAL, Android iOS RIOT POINTS GENERATOR, first of its kind! The benefits of using our generator

As you might already know, riot points are the in-game currency for League of Legends. They can be used to buy in game stuff that diversifies the game experience. Some examples of what can be bought with them include: champions, skins for champions and improvements that help you gain more Experience Points for your Summoner or extra Influence Points.