No SW Celebration London 2016 for Vulkk :(

It is with great sadness that I have to admit, I just took down my 2nd goal on Patreon until I find a better way to aim possible future income. It was stating that I would like to spend some extra cash on my trip to London for Star Wars Celebration 2016, but I was too late. There are no tickets, any more. I could not book a flight earlier due to lack of "credits", when I got the money (a delayed work payment money transfer), it turned out I was too late and all Celebration tickets were sold out.

Since this was to be my first one ever, I had no idea it is ticket only even to enter (not just for the panels and events). Yeah, nubish, I know.

Well... I'll still go to visit my bro next Summer in London, I'll just have to schedule it away from July to avoid the Celebration hype, so I don't feel bad :D