No, this is not a defense
Yeah, this one's going to get some angry mails, I'm sure. I'm not exactly defending Electronic Arts, here, mostly on the basis of "they are an enormous corporation and neither need nor deserve defense." But demonizing them and not demonizing every other publisher in the same position (hint: that's all of them) is kind of like arbitrarily picking a member of your office to accuse of being a corporate stooge. They're all fonts of villainy or none of them are, at picking out one that keeps selling a lot of games to you anyway is kind of ridiculous. Not to mention that a lot of it turns into blaming a publisher for something that does not appear to be the fault of the publisher so much as the studios working under that publisher. That bothers me, because again, you're getting upset for the wrong thing with the wrong people. I don't like excusing bad games by blaming someone else, and I really don't like it when developers do so. Owning your mistakes is part of learning to do better. Blaming someone else for all of them indicates less "this game would have been great if not for the publisher" and more "you're going to do the same thing again and say someone else was responsible for it, and people are going to let you do it." Anyway, I do hope you enjoy reading it!
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