No Threat Wire Episode This Week!
Howdy! You may have noticed that we have not posted a Threat Wire episode this week. Here's why:

Hak5 was featured in a recent episode of Mr. Robot and our booth was part of the set for Jason Bourne. About one week ago, our friend Mubix also exploited Windows and Mac machines with a cool trick using our Hak5 LAN Turtle. We also just introduced a new tutorial book for our HakShop customers (which fund the main show, Hak5, and HakShop bills / employees / etc). All of these amazing events basically make stuff hit the fan at our store, so we've been working late nights trying to catch up with demand.

We also just hosted a Pentest With Hak5 3-day training seminar this weekend, myself and Darren Kitchen just gave a talk at SFSU's hacking club on Monday, and we're leaving for Derbycon tomorrow! 

I've also been working on some new features for our Threat Wire Patreon patrons! New perks, new goals, new Patron-only access, and a revamp to our Patreon page (you may have noticed I'm the sole host right now?). 

So while we've been busy trying to catch up and get ahead, know that I haven't forgotten about you. I'll be back next week with more security news on a new episode! In the meantime, I've posted a bunch of headlines and big stories for the week over on our facebook page, at