I appreciate everyone who had signed up to support the Bee Smart beekeeping project at a given tier level at the beginning.  In trying to do the best job I can all around I have decided to eliminate trying to create special bonuses for those who pay more or less.

The goal of this project is to get literally thousands of Patrons, you, your friends and associates, to pitch in just a dollar or two each month to help us bee able to create useful, informative and entertaining content that will facilitate and motivate beekepers to bee more successful.

There is only one of me trying to do it all here and instead of doing a bad job on 10 things, I want to do my best work on just a few specific things.  that means the website, the podcasts, the videos and the social media interaction.

I fully intend to give those of you who pitch in here something extra for your support but trying to make up things and do even more projects to "reward" people for pitching in also just takes me away from doing my best on the main goals.

I hope you understand why I removed the tier levels and I fully understand if you want to change or withdraw your patronage of this project because you came in with an expectation of what was in a particular tier description.

I plan to give all of you behind-the-scenes pictures, previews, sneak peeks and advance access to many things here to thank you for your patronage.  I just don't want to do it in a way that takes away from my ability to do the best work I can with the main project content.

Thank you all so much for your suport, I hope to earn your contnued support as I go about making the best bee community on the web.

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