No Updates next week!
Hey guys!

Just to make a quick announcement that there will be no updates next week since I have to travel for a family event. And sorry for the lateness on this round's updates too! ;__; There were a few unexpected events in a row that I couldn't avoid. I know things are pretty rocky right now with the consistency, but know I'm still adjusting my schedule the best I can so until I can get it right, please do bear it with me ;__; I'll do my best, I promise!

Also, as always, you lovely Patrons will always get the first peek at the pages ;v; So don't worry about me compromising that at all. 

But please don't hesitate to approach me if you have feedbacks or questions regarding the series though I'd suggest tweeting it to me via leupus' twitter @teamleupus, since I may not have my desktop with me while I"m traveling but I'm usually on my phone, give or take, so it would be the fastest avenue to get a hold of me.

Thank you so much again for always being so patient and kind to me while I learn the ropes of maintaining this webcomic ;v; I really appreciate it and I'll do my very best!

But yes, I'll see you guys in another week +! Till then stay healthy and happy! ;v;