No Way Around
Lack of self-worth is a social problem. It takes a unique combination of awareness to detect it, vocabulary to communicate what it is and courage to say something about it. It feels like there is always something holding us back. Pride, fear, and peer pressure are the main obstacles. For instance, many people fear letting go of the traditional belief that Jesus takes away our sins and saves us (this is actually quite true but not in a literal sense). We are so proud of this belief that we ignore the fact that it is based on the assumption that we are worthless. This is self-rejection because we neglect the infinite value of the soul, our true identity. We think it’s okay because others are doing it too or because we don’t know any better. Exactly how we are to resolve this dilemma? Is it okay to reject the soul and continue with unconscious feelings of worthlessness in order to protect one’s sense of identity or to preserve one’s religion? Is it more important that we uphold the pride of the ego rather than turn to the the soul as our true identity? There is no way around it anymore. We must step up to challenge the system. Darkness cannot survive in the shining light of consciousness. The psychological structures that keep the ego in place will become exposed and it will collapse because it is only an imitation of the real thing. The fears that prevent us from challenging what is false are numerous. There is no way around them either. We have to be willing to walk through every single one of them. They are mostly remnants from childhood. We were very impressionable when we were young and the intensity of the fears usually don’t go away as we get older. The threat of eternal damnation and the possibility of losing the approval of our peers still remains and generally affects us to this day. One can overcome all these concerns by connecting to the soul. It is indeed necessary that we feel how empowering it is to live the words from Psalm 23:4: Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. One of the basic truths they teach us in Sunday school is that God is everywhere yet as we grow older it somehow gets twisted to mean that He is everywhere except inside of us. We were close to the soul when were children so why should we believe that we are separate from it now? The soul is the material of God’s love which is always omnipresent and unconditional. This is the true meaning of Christ. It’s perfectly normal that our sense of identity feels threatened against the soul. The ego is doubtful and suspicious because it functions to protect and separate us from the unknown. Maybe it’s time to grow beyond its limitations. There’s really is no way around it except through the soul which is the manifestation of the one and only Lord of All, Jesus Christ our Savior.