To clean up the wiki, we have removed most of the big ads on the top, right side and bottom of the wiki. We wanted to make the wiki "cleaner" and even more useful to our visitors. We still have some affiliate links to Amazon because we think our visitors find these useful (i.e. they can find our favorite martial arts books). There are also some ads on the videos but these are not wiki ads but ads inserted by the creators of these Youtube videos.

Unfortunately, this means a lot less revenue which will hurt content growth as wikis have costs (i.e. website hosting, software, etc.). We hope that gaining some generous patrons (even a dollar is a great help) will allow us to partially offset the lack of advertising revenue. However, if we can't gain 20 patrons by Christmas, we will have to rethink the lack of ads as Amazon affiliate links don't cover the bills.

New patrons = More content + much less wiki ads. We hope you become a wiki patron!

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