Nobody is Perfect, BUT...
This is a feel good story for women.  "dont tollerate criticism", is the message from feminism to women

Men are constantly critiqued.  Men are told we are slow, lazy, stupid, and FAT!  We are told to settle down, to man-UP, to be what all women want, and do as we are told.  BUT!!!   But if you criticize them, women should break up.

This "chick" has tattoos, nose piercings, and who-knows-what else wrong with her, PLUS a beer gut.  But dont YOU dare criticize her if she is kind enough to let you be her boyfriend.

When her gut grows more, her face sags, and her "tats" fade, will she be even more desirable?  Doubtful.

Men don't need to tolerate women who no longer need to make themselves presentable for OUR pleasure.  The girl NEEDS as man, but the man "must" accept her without question, and then HOPE she doesn't take his money in divorce.  And FEMINISTS say there is no need for divorce-reform.  OF COURSE THEY SAY THERE IS NO NEED, BECAUSE WOMEN HOLD THE POWER! 

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