#NoDAPL & Yorkshire Projects
So my Yorkshire/Scotland project has moved up, and I am also capping off my abandoned buildings at 15, instead of 25, which means I only need to go out and shoot two more locations tomorrow and I'll be able to post my information video of my Abandoned project. Tuesday I'm leaving for Scotland and then down to York on Friday so I'll be working on my York project next weekend and should have the video of that up a few days after. When I return on the 22nd, I'll be driving up to North Dakota.

#NoDAPL is an important movement on the Souix Reservation and I am planning on approaching the Standing Rock Tribe about doing a photography project of 25-50 photos that highlights some of the things going on at the protests and every day life for the people who are camping on the lines that have been drawn. I want to focus on the smaller things, the people that are there, the families, the living conditions, to really show people what it's like and what they're fighting for. I'm no journalist, but I think I can do something that will make at least some impact just with photos and a small description here and there. This is something that's very important to me and I'm really just following my gut instinct on how to proceed.

I will also be looking into running a fundraiser in order to help purchase winter supplies to take to the camp when I go up, water, propane, heaters, food, medications, etc, however I only plan to run that locally.