Noise Box/Noice Box Audio Pack

The Noise Box, (or how I like to call it: Noice Box) is an original instrument that a friend of mine and me made. It's "metal"-themed (as in the material, not the genre) and its main purpose is sound design and horror audio composition (though the samples can of course be used for other genres and purposes).

Included in this pack are 37 sound effects recorded with the contact mic built into the box and an additional field recorder mic. The included sound effects are:

  • Box Hits (x5)
  • Rods (x11)
  • Springs (x6)
  • Strings (x7)
  • Strips (x8)

All of them are available in two versions:
1. Raw
2. With reverb and delay applied

The full recording session with the individual mics, with and without effects, are included in the pack as well.

Video detailing its building process:

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