(Non)random Notes and Occasional Observations: 5

There are people who take a purist/traditionalist stance on okonomiyaki; they decry ingredients like (for example) pastrami, or cheese. Although I think the various styles of traditional okonomiyaki are entirely splendid, I also think there's something suspect about being a purist about an item with a name that translates, more or less, to "grilled whatever you like".

Be that as it may, I like the okonomiyaki I've had, both traditional styles and various innovative kinds. I also like cooking. I have not yet made anything that's close to the Hiroshima version, but the description on wikipedia certainly sounds nice. Made me hungry.

Some time back I went to H-Mart, got some katsuobushi and nori and a chunk of nagaimo, and made a rough approximation of Kansai style okonomiyaki. It was, to tell the truth, very rough: I'm a little bit allergic to onions, so I left out the scallions, and I blood-test allergic to wheat, so I used Bob's Red Mill GF flour and left out the tenkasu/agedama ["crunchy bits of fried flour", according to one recipe I find on the Web]. I also failed to get Kewpie mayonnaise. Kewpie is different from Hellman's, which is what I grew up with [Hellman's = Best Foods]; I intend to rectify that error at some point. I'm also wary about the usual okonomi sauce, as I'm nastily allergic to yeast, so I worked around that. As I say, rough. Still, the result was very satisfying.

Partly because of some nontraditional okonomiyaki that I've encountered [perhaps most notably at Abeno, in London, where I was taken in 2014] and partly because of the way my head works, it then occurred to me that there was no reason why I couldn't mix dosa batter with the egg instead of okonomi mix or flour (and, in the case of Kansai style, nagaimo). As far as I'm concerned, this turns out to be a win. It doesn't particularly require flour; the dosa batter and the egg interact appropriately.

I guess this falls under the general heading of "Take two disparate cuisines, and email me in the morning."  ;o)

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