NON-Review - Assault Android Cactus
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YOU ARE AWESOME LEVEL: I'm humbled you want to be a patron, regardless of how much it is. If you've chosen to back for 1.00, you receive my deep and undying thanks AND a special Flair on the /r/suicideprinny subreddit designating YOU as a Patron! Plus, you get to vote in special polls to figure out what game to play next and how!
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SOCIAL LEVEL: With this amount, I'll be mentioning your (Twitter/Website/etc) on my weekly livestreams if you want so people can find you too! Maybe you're another Let's Player or an artist? I'll tell people where you are so you can get some of those sweet, sweet views. PLUS, you'll also get the passwords to let you into any multiplayer game shenanigans we may have going on, posted to the patrons before the event! PLUS, you'll get access to exclusive video podcasts during the week talking about topics such as LP'ing, video game news, and whatever you guys feel like talking about! It will also include all previous bonuses.
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XCOM SOLDIER LEVEL: Your name will live on forever as a soldier in a special patrons-only LP of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within! Want to be a certain class or have a cool nickname? Let me know! Everyone else will have to wait until it's all over to see what happened! Plus, you also get ALL of the previous awards!

And as a bonus, I'll follow you on Steam/Twitter/etc. so you'll be at the front of the line whenever I do giveaways!
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PETTING ZOO LEVEL: At this level, not only are you absolutely awesome, but me and you will do a mini-LP of our own! You pick the game and we'll figure out a way to make it work! And it of course goes up on the channel for everyone to see, where I'll link your channel if you have one as well! AND I'll permanently name one of my pets in World of Warcraft (my choice) after you! AND again, ALL previous!
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