Nonsense Poem 3
When you rhyme "handkerchief" with "mantlepiece"
It's just a way of showing that you know
Not rhyme but scansion, that you have the lease
On how words fit to rhythms, fast and slow,

And that responsible can never rhyme
Though bee's lip sips apocalypse for free
And June moon dune's due soon -- ah, all the time,
Since Odin first drew words down from the tree.

But I dream of a time when I know what to say
Sensing a feeling I want to get right
To what neat ends we lend ourselves this way
And poetry's simpler than sleeping tonight.

Words leap like dolphins, phosphorescent flash,
And sink back to the dark without a splash.

(It's a good thing I have a whimsy section on my poetry page, that's all I'm saying. I got out of the bath to write this down!)
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