Tier Benefits
Basic Support
$1 or more per created thingamabob. 4 patrons
If you back me in any way, I definitely think you should have a say in what I create. Suggestions and requests from backers will be given overall priority. Fulfillment attempts will be made in the order that suggestions or requests are made. Differing levels of support will NOT influence the order of fulfillment attempts.

I do reserve the right to reject requests if I feel that there's no chance of me doing them justice.
Expanded Support
$10 or more per created thingamabob. 1 patron
Support at this level means that I'll try to help you with issues or questions about live-production, 3D art, software, or whatever else I end up working on, one on one. This can be done through e-mail, Google Hangouts, a phone conversation, Facebook, etc.

It's important to note that (within limits) I'm willing to do this for anyone who asks, whether they back me monetarily or not. Actual supporters, however, will be prioritized.
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