Norsa the White Dragon
 This is one of the characters Jamie and their two friends meet in The Legend of Jamie Roberts. 

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Ragun Norsa started in life abandoned by her father, Kenkada'rathada, the Men's Society leader of Dogona - compared to her elder brothers, she was too small, too pale, and too sickly-looking. So she was left in the woods.

Not long after Kenkada'rathada abandoned her, she was found by the Nafrit, a wandering matriarchal warrior people. They took one look at the baby Norsa and took her in immediately.

In time, Norsa grew stronger and healthier, though her white skin and pink eyes never changed. Being a dragon, however, meant that there were secrets that the Nafrit couldn't teach, since the Nafrit were only human.

So one day, the Nafrit approached the guardian of Xanibu, Matayalek, and asked for his guidance. He told the women warriors, "I will teach her the secrets that dragons know. But she must stay with me for at least one year and not see you."

This they did.

After leaving and learning the secrets of dragons, Norsa returned to the Nafrit, this time in a new human form - dragons are unique creatures that have the ability to take human shape at will. Learning how to do so is one of their secrets.

The women were impressed by Norsa's new knowledge, and suggested she participate in the King's Challenge in Dogona. The King's Challenge was being held to determine who the new king would be in the line of succession, as the current king of Dogona was growing old, never married, and never had children.

Norsa, of course, accepted the challenge. Anything to prove her new knowledge and her strength.

She faced off in the challenge, soundly beating any man or dragon (in human form) who approached her in the ring. The twin dragons, the Dragon of the Sun and the Dragon of the Moon, faced off against each other in the semifinals, and though the fight between these enormous men-dragons was long, and hard, and bloody, the Dragon of the Moon won. He was Norsa's opponent in the finals.

Norsa the runt albino and the enormous Dragon of the Moon fought, and against all expectations... Norsa won.

And so she was crowned king of Dogona, by the leader of the men's society, Kenkada'rathada, who was humbled by Norsa's determination.


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