North Korea thoughts
Three ROK soldiers watching the border at Panmunjeom in the DMZ between North and South Korea - Henrik Ishihara via Wikimedia 

North Korea, or as it's officially known, DPRK, has been living as a war zone for the last 60+ years. It has undergone a genocidal project begun when the US bombed and wiped away a quarter of the population to current efforts to sanction it to oblivion. The country, its peoples, and its leaders have been the constant butt of racist demagoguery within the United States media (you can see that clearly in comedies such as Team America: World Police and The Interview). And the mass media -- the same people who gave us Trump and then lamented when he turned on them -- has been fever-pitch promoting all-out war with the country for basically trying to defend itself with a handful of nuclear bombs (with extremely limited range). Now Kim Jong Un is threatening to bomb Guam, a colony of the United States with a large military presence (large as in it accounts for 10% of the population but leaves no revenue for the island country) if the US continues to press it.

Some outtakes:

  • The United States can destroy the world several times over with its range of bombs and has actually detonated a couple on top of large civilian centers. Who has or is holding us accountable? We are literally the World's Police.
  • Robert Jeffres, the tyrant of First Baptist Church of Dallas and pastor to the tyrants, suggested that God has ordained Trump to take out Kim Jung Un. But what if--and hear me out here--what if it's the other way around?
  • American Exceptionalism means we cannot try Trump for the war crimes he's already committed & is now brazenly threatening. Thanks Obama!